December 7, 2022
GameConsole, N64

参考 # Arduinoを使ってNintendo64のコントローラをPCで使う - Qiita Use an Arduino With an N64 Controller : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables N64 Controller - n360/N64 Controller Protocol.pdf at master · Ryzee119/n360 Google Code Archive - Long-term storage ...


November 23, 2022
GameConsole, GB

参考 # 令和時代のゲームボーイ開発 👾 by ぎぎにゃん | トーク | iOSDC Japan 2019 #iosdc - GitHub - gbdk-2020/gbdk-2020: An updated version of GBDK, A C compiler, assembler, linker and set of libraries for the Z80 like Nintendo Gameboy. GBDK fadeout for Game Boy and Game Boy Color · GitHub きる ...


February 19, 2018
GameConsole, GB, Arduino

なんとかしてGBメモリに LSDjを書き込みたいというアレ 成果物 # n13i/writeboy: An Arduino based ROM image writer for GB Memory Cartridge n13i/GB-Memory-Binary-Maker at develop Infinest/GB-Memory-Binary-Maker: An application to quickly generate binaries to burn to the official Nintendo GB Memory flash cartridge をフォークして ...